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Participants will receive:
Free secure MIFARE DESFIRE EV3 physical credentials with the commitment to move to the NFC Wallet solution within 60 days.
Rules of Program:
Must have compatible readers in place and/or implement compatible readers
Must complete form and submit with all information included
Readers and credentials must be provided in a single PO from Wavelynx Authorized Partner
Must sign Apple NDA and PPTC and sign agreement for purchase of Wavelynx NFC Wallet credentials.
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Why NFC Wallet?

Users can gain access instantly, all on their mobile device or wearable with the NFC Wallet solution. With Wavelynx, there is no second class citizenship. Meaning, we proudly work with the leading device manufacturers to ensure all users are able to utilize this new mobile access solution.

Set up is quick and easy.

The NFC Wallet solution seamless integrates into your company's existing access control system, and can be easily managed by staff.

Scale rapidly to multiple facilities.

A one-stop shop approach enabling difference devices quick deployment and ability to scale rapidly with large quantities of users.

User data is private and secure.

The solution takes full advantage of the privacy and security built directly into the device itself, so user data is always protected.

One credential, multiple use cases.

The NFC Wallet credential can be used with a variety of services, including access to offices, secure areas, parking garages, elevators and more.

Seamless and consistent user experience.

Unlike other mobile solutions in the market, the NFC Wallet solution will always provide users with a consistent experience no matter the device or wearable.

True interoperability with Wavelynx.

Wavelynx provides users with the ability to work with other hardware and software manufacturers, providing global platform adoption.

Easy to manage and distribute.

Printing physical credentials has just become a thing of the past. With the NFC Wallet solution, you can remotely streamline distribution from the comfort of your desk.

Simple transition from physical credentials to NFC Wallet.

Our interoperability, coupled with strong industry partnerships allows us to provide an unmatched transition plan to each customer when choosing to migrate from physical credentials to the NFC Wallet.
For more information on our NFC Wallet solutions, check out the "Solutions" tab on our website: www.wavelynx.com.
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