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PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: A Mobile First Approach with PDK

March 26, 2024

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Is it risky to invest in the stock market? If so, how much?

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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Brach Bengtzen, Vice President of Marketing at Prodatakey, abbreviated as PDK, to learn all about their mission, values, and their partner centered organization. Their ultimate goal of protecting people and their property is achieved through an easy-to-use, cloud based, mobile first approach.  

Spearheading a Mobile-First Industry

PDK is a manufacturer of cloud-based access control. They bring mobile expertise to the industry, building their entire software around the mobile interface, and ensuring all functions are accessible on both desktop and mobile. With PDK, an entire access control system can be configured using only a smartphone. 

“We build our entire software mobile first, that way you are able to have a 100% cloud-based experience and 100% mobile experience from wherever you are. You can do absolutely everything from our mobile app that you can do on a desktop computer.” -  Bengtzen

PDK places a paramount emphasis on crafting software with an intuitive design. They have honed their platform to be exceptionally user-friendly. These efforts stem from PDK’s belief that access control should be almost effortless to install and use, without limiting the functionality of the system and interface. 

Commitment to Partners

Their cloud based, mobile first design speaks to their overall mission: to empower their partners through exceptional support and intuitive, secure solutions. The ease of use and mobile friendly software ultimately makes their partners live’s easier, a goal of PDK. 

To deliver a better experience for system integrators, they prioritize partnerships and support them every step of the way in every interaction. PDK prides themselves on having a first call resolution goal of only 7 minutes for customers needing support. 

Brach spoke on their number one core value being partner fanaticism. “Everything that we do is centered around our partners. When they succeed, we succeed, and we want them to feel good about building out systems with us. We want to make sure they have a positive experience installing, with our sales, with our engineers, with any interaction.” -  Bengtzen

In line with their mission, PDK implements a partner program complete with certifications, tech support, and other perks, ensuring their partners have everything they need from PDK. 

Enhancing Security Together: PDK & Wavelynx

When asked about our partnership, Brach expressed that it provides value to the industry by adding secure and easy to use hardware and firmware. He mentioned that our credentials are high security and include OSDP two way communication, remote firmware updates to the reader, and multi drop - all things that contribute to a more secure and better experience for their partners. 

“We love Wavelynx. Ultimately, our partnership with Wavelynx is the first link to helping us live our mission statement of supporting and empowering our partners. We are able to deliver added security and added value.” -  Bengtzen

In addition to hardware and firmware, Brach mentioned the importance of Wavelynx mobile credentials to PDK. With the life of a physical credential averaging only two years long, mobile credentials add security, longevity, and a better user experience. 

Securing Spaces, Safeguarding Assets

Ultimately, PDK protects people and their property. They want to instill a sense of safety in workplaces and other spaces. PDK’s commitment also extends to protecting the valuable assets that individuals have invested their passion and hard work into building.

If you’re interested in starting a conversation with PDK, they can be reached on their website, at, or by calling (801) 317-8802. They also have an active presence on multiple social media channels. 

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