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Your corporate badge or student ID now available on Android devices.

Access credential in Google Wallet
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Mobile access redefined

Utilizing NXP® Semiconductors’ MIFARE® 2GO, access credentials in Google Wallet™ with Wavelynx gives customers and users alike, the flexibility they need to deploy Wallet credentials securely at their facilities.

The benefits.

True interoperability

Using MIFARE 2GO gives users the ability to work with other hardware and software manufacturers, providing global platform adoption.

Easy lifecycle management

MIFARE 2GO provides complete control over the entire lifecycle of access management from managing, creating, and revoking credentials, saving administrators time and resources.

Scale rapidly to multiple facilities

It's one-stop approach enables different devices (smartphones, wearables), quick deployment and the ability to scale rapidly with a large number of users.

One credential, multiple use cases

With NXP, the Wavelynx solution creates safer, more convenient corporate environments with Google Wallet access credentials that can be used with a variety of services, including access to offices, secure areas, parking garages, and elevators, as well as cost-related activities such as printer access or making purchases at onsite cafeterias.

Unmatched security

Provides protection mechanisms to prevent cloning or sharing of credentials, uses cryptography to secure authentication, encrypt communication, and prevent sniffing, relay attacks, and other forms of manipulation.

Access credential in Google Wallet

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Are the current Wavelynx readers set up to enable access keys in Google Wallet?
Yes. All Wavelynx readers were built with NFC technology that enables access credentials in Google Wallet. A simple firmware update and you're good to go.

What is MIFARE 2GO? 

MIFARE 2GO is a complete end-to-end solution that manages digitized MIFARE-based credentials onto mobile and wearable devices. Learn more at 2GO.

What are other use cases of MIFARE 2GO? 

MIFARE 2GO is currently utilized in transit, access control systems, loyalty rewards and more. Learn more at 2GO.

Is MIFARE widely adopted today?

Yes! With more than 77% market share and an established infrastructure in 750+ cities worldwide, MIFARE serves 1.2 billion people daily, and continues to grow.

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