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THE PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Security Convergence with AlertEnterprise

May 16, 2024

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Welcome to our new series, The Partner Spotlight, where we plan to not only highlight one of our partners, but further educate on their unique value to the market, what separates them from competitors and the value add to customers when combined with Wavelynx.

We are excited to kick off this series with AlertEnterprise, where we had the pleasure of speaking with their Senior Vice President of Marketing, Willem Ryan. After chatting with Willem, it’s clear that AlertEnterprise's mission is to help organizations protect everything that is important to them including the people, the assets, the brand and the reputation. And they are doing this by bringing together identity, physical security, IT systems and industrial controls. Otherwise known as “security convergence”.

“We unify these things under one platform and that allows us to do a lot of really cool things, one of which is physical access. We are able to automate all of the processes that are involved in physical access, giving someone the ability to turn on or off credentials at a moment’s notice when it’s most critical. The other thing we do is help people use the data they already have in physical security to get a good insight into what’s happening in their business to keep people safe.”
- Willem Ryan, Senior VP of Marketing

Their Community

Primarily working with physical and information security departments, AlertEnterprise specializes in regulated industries such as government, healthcare, and financial services, among others. Their reach spans across many different landscapes. Handling both data and assets, they assist in achieving compliance and protecting your organization from security threats.  

“Because we are dealing with automation, compliance, and governance, we tend to focus a lot on the industries that we call regulated industries. Those verticals have specific regulations and mandates for compliance that deal with security and access.” - WR

Security Convergence

AlertEnterprise brings together the worlds of information technology and physical security holistically. They present it in an easily digestible way. In an age of digital transformation, AlertEnterprise marries together physical access and IT.

“The thing that really separates us is that we bring all of that together in a holistic way. We truly are the only ones that can bring the physical security side and connect it to the IT and operational technology.” - WR

Our Partnership

When asked about AlertEnterprise in partnership with Wavelynx, Willem stresses the importance of our similar missions and values.

“We allow our customers to either use systems that they have or integrate into systems that they want to bring in. We don’t lock anyone down in terms of saying you have to use these particular systems. I know Wavelynx has always had that vision and operated that way, giving our customers choice.” - WR

Our organizations share a similar vision, giving you the power to choose what systems you want for your organization without being locked into a proprietary solution. AlertEnterprise and Wavelynx seamlessly integrate together to ensure that you have the ability to create a technical ecosystem, tailored to your specific needs. Together, we aim to contribute to the modernization of the access security industry and continue to grow in our partnership.

“As we look at the modernization of physical access control, that is where we also  align. Wavelynx is innovative and always looking to push the boundaries for a better way of getting people in and out of their physical spaces. That includes NFC Wallet. Being one of the pioneers of that, we were so happy to partner with you because we saw that experience, that automation, that convenience, as well as better security as a perfect alignment for what we do and what we talk about.” - WR


Willem goes on to talk about the new post-pandemic expectations in the security universe. He advises that now is a great time to look ahead and provide business value to your organization by converging systems and creating new ways to look at access security such as NFC Wallet.

“I would encourage you that this is the time to start looking ahead to how you can converge these systems, and it’s very relevant to what you do today. There is an opportunity for you to be able to provide business value to your organization by creating new ways of looking at security data, physical access, and that includes bringing mobile credentials to the table.” - WR

NFC Wallet provides value to your business with more security, automated distribution, multifunctionality, a better user experience and of course: interoperability. Plus, it can even work when your phone is dead.

Together, AlertEnterprise and Wavelynx contribute to the interoperability of access security and ensure that you will always have limitless access control for your business.

You can contact AlertEnterprise directly by clicking here. Want to jump right into building a solution with them? Click here. You can also contact them by using the chat box on their website or emailing

We at Wavelynx appreciate our valuable partnership with AlertEnterprise and look forward to assisting in the creation of future access security solutions alongside them. Want to watch the full video interview? Click here.

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