Company ID in Samsung Wallet

Bring More. Carry Less.

Carry your Company ID conveniently in your phone. Samsung Wallet allows users to carry their essentials conveniently and securely in their phone. By simply adding your Company ID to Samsung Wallet, users can gain access to corporate spaces and more with just a tap and go.


Fast Mode.

Your company ID works even when your screen is off and your phone is locked. Just tap and go.

Power Reserve.

No battery, no problem. Use your company ID for up to 24 hours after your phone powers down due to low battery.

Secure Data.

Your data is stored safely and securely in the device itself.

Ready to implement?


Are the current Wavelynx readers set up to enable access keys in Samsung Wallet?
Yes. All Wavelynx readers were built with NFC technology that enables Company ID in Samsung Wallet. A simple firmware update and you're good to go.

What if I don't currently have Wavelynx readers installed? What does that process to implement look like?

First and foremost, contact us today and we will help you come up with a strategic plan to implement the solution with your existing access solutions. Whether our readers or not, our open architecture allows us the ability to work with other providers to make this work.

Does this solution work on other devices?

Yes. Wavelynx currently offers solutions for Apple, Google and Samsung Wallets. To learn more, contact us today.

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