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Wavelynx and SwiftConnect Deploy First Corporate Badge in Google Wallet and Company ID in Samsung Wallet

March 25, 2024

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STAMFORD, Conn.March 13, 2024 – SwiftConnect, the leader in connected access enablement, and Wavelynx, a provider of interoperable and secure access solutions, today announced that their deployment at Stream Realty Partners’ RiverSouth Austin marks the first use of access credentials in Samsung Wallet and Google Wallet in the corporate real estate market. Now, tenants and employees can use their Android device and Galaxy phone for easy and secure building access at Austin’s most intelligent building.


“Starting today, tenants and employees who are Google Wallet users can add their mobile credentials to their Android devices. With this new feature, we are empowering them with convenient and secure access to the buildings and more, right from Google Wallet,” said Sharon Yang, Strategic Partnerships with Google.


Chris Gulati, Director Business Development at Samsung Electronics America, highlighted one of the core features of Company ID in Samsung Wallet, “Once tenants and employees have added their Company ID to Samsung Wallet, there is no need for them to turn on their screen or unlock their phone. They can just tap their phone against the reader to use their Company ID. It’s just that easy.”


With commercial real estate buildings and corporations around the world transitioning from traditional corporate offices to creating a better user experience in the workplace, the need for a simple path to mobile for convenient access via NFC wallets has been the key.


“Implementing NFC access credentials in Google and Samsung Wallets is simple with Wavelynx: all it takes is a simple firmware update, and if there are other readers already installed, our open architecture enables us to help customers create an implementation roadmap to enable NFC mobile wallets alongside existing plastic credentials,” said Rob Lydic, President of Wavelynx. 


“SwiftConnect’s AccessCloud platform enables customers to easily and securely store their corporate badge in Google Wallet and Company ID in Samsung Wallet. The platform stitches together all of the credential technologies, disparate access control system infrastructures, mobile applications, and other existing IT and business systems to deliver seamless, connected physical access,” said Matt Kopel, co-CEO and President of SwiftConnect


Connected access enablement integration by SwiftConnect, Wavelynx mobile credentials and readers, and solutions from a broad ecosystem of partners make it possible for virtually anyone with a smartphone and the right access permissions at RiverSouth Austin to navigate their workplace easier and more efficiently.


Read more about how Wavelynx and SwiftConnect partnered up to provide company badges in all three digital wallets for NFC-based access at RiverSouth.

About SwiftConnect

SwiftConnect is the leading provider of connected access enablement. We delight users with elegant ways to interact with places, spaces and things by ensuring your digital pass is on your phone, watch or anywhere it needs to be. Powering connected access experiences for commercial real estate owners and enterprises across financial and professional services, life sciences, technology, and other leading organizations, our platform integrates with existing mobile platforms, credential technologies, and business systems to provide authorized access to everything, everywhere through centralized access management. We provide a street-to-seat journey that users love, automation that redefines operational efficiency, and a foundation of security and privacy that administrators trust so you can navigate your world better. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.


About Wavelynx

Wavelynx was founded in 2013 on the belief that simplicity and flexibility are the best path forward to simplify the integration of legacy, current, and future technologies. We provide an open and secure access control platform that allows businesses to modernize authentication technology at the pace and path that is right for them. We believe that credentials should seamlessly integrate into your workflows, that key management should be simpler to administer, and that migration should be at the pace and path that is right for your business. Our reader and credential solutions free businesses from the constraints of proprietary access control systems through flexibility, choice, and control. With Wavelynx, customers have greater freedom to modernize their authentication technology for any endpoint, any system, and any business. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn. 




Media Contact

Keely Sustarsic

RiverSouth Press Release

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